Can You Freeze Goat Cheese

Cheese goes on amazing sales sometimes, and when that happens, I often buy a lot more than I need including goat’s cheese.

Once I walk out of the supermarket I immediately think – what can I do to extend the shelf life of the goat’s cheese I just purchased.  I know other cheese can be frozen. 

Can I Freeze Goats Cheese, – you sure can, and it actually freezes quite well even the Costco goat’s cheese logs. I have recently seen the logs for $6.99.

Can You Freeze a Cheese Ball

Does Goat Cheese Freeze Well?

Can I use frozen Goats Cheese in pasta salad or even mac and cheese? you can as goats cheese does not lose its taste, or texture when it is stored in the freezer.

So does goat cheese really freeze well? The answer to this question is yes. It can freeze without any problems. However, it depends on how it’s stored read on to see how to preserve or store goat’s cheese inside the Freezer.

How to Freeze Goat Cheese Properly

Follow these steps on the best practice in freezing Goats Cheese in 2023

  • cut the cheese into a size that is convenient to use after you take it out of the freezer in the future.
  • use the best quality plastic cling wrap possible. Wrap it around the cheese twice and make sure it is sealed well
  • For extra long goats cheese storage also uses a zip lock bag, and suck out the air
  • Label and date the Bag
  • Store in the freezer until it is ready to use
Store Goats Cheddar Correctly To Maximize Shelf Life
Store Goats Cheddar Correctly To Maximize Shelf Life

How Long Does Goat Cheese Last in The Freezer?

Goat cheese most likely will maintain its taste for about 6-8 months inside the freezer if you wrap it in plastic wrap then put it into a Ziplock strong freezer bag that doesn’t let air in.

Most advice is to use it within 3-4 months, but it is nice to know it will actually last six months or more,

How to Thaw Frozen Goat Cheese?

Planning your recipe that needs goat cheese ahead of time will let you put it in the fridge to slowly thaw over 12-24 hours. Doing this firstly keeps the goat’s cheese at a safe temperature of less than 40F. 

This means that it will also last for at least a week in the fridge after it is thawed.

If you are using frozen goat cheese straight away from the freezer then you should defrost it quickly by placing it into a bowl of warm water for 30 minutes. This will help prevent bacteria growth. Then put it straight into the recipe you are using, baking of cooking recipes are best using this defrosting method, 

How Can You Tell if Goat Cheese Has Gone Bad?

Goats’ cheese that is going off will start to smell bad, and become soft and finally moldy. If you find a piece of cheese has gone bad, throw it away.

Can I Freeze Store Bought Goat Cheese

You can freeze store-bought goat cheese. It is best to freeze it as soon as possible after you buy it. I would not freeze it if it has been sitting in the refrigerator for a week though, the fresher the better when it comes to freezing Goats cheese.

How Do You Keep Goat Cheese Fresh After Opening

Goats cheese should be stored at room temperature, ideally between 35°F and 40°F. If you want to keep goat cheese fresh for longer periods of time, you can freeze it. 

How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Goats Cheese Last

Vacuum sealed goat cheese lasts for about 2 months. If you want to keep longer than that, you need to use other methods such as freezing.