Can You Microwave Cardboard

Have you just had a pizza delivery and it is a little cold – can you reheat it in the cardboard pizza box it came in?

With the decrease of disposable plastic, cardboard takeout containers have become more popular than ever, and so many folks are unsure if they can be microwaved.

Can You Microwave Cardboard?

Yes! It’s actually pretty easy to microwave cardboard, but you should always check first to make sure it does not contain a plastic or wax liner.

How Do You Test that Cardboard Is Safe to Put in The Microwave?

To test, simply place a piece of paper towel between two pieces of cardboard and microwave it for 30 seconds at medium power. If the paper towel doesn’t come out wet after this, then you can safely microwave the container.

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Facts about cardboard

Yes! It’s true! The cardboard used in most takeout boxes is made from corrugated fiberboard (or “corrugated” for short). Corrugated cardboard is actually pretty sturdy stuff, but it does contain some moisture which makes it susceptible to damage during cooking in the microwave. That said, I’ve never heard of anyone getting burned by microwaving a cardboard container, but it would probably be best to avoid using them for longer than necessary, and always watch it, do not leave it unattended.

Is it safe to microwave cardboard?

Yes! It is perfectly safe to microwave cardboard. In fact, it’s better than most plastics because it won’t melt at all. The only thing you should avoid is using cardboard that has any sort of coating on it. This will cause your food to stick to the cardboard and could burn if left in there too long.

Can You Put Mc Donalds Cardboard in The Microwave
Can You Put Mc Donalds Cardboard in The Microwave

What happens when you microwave cardboard?

When you microwave cardboard, the heat causes the water molecules (H2O) in the cardboard fibers to expand and contract. As this expansion and contracting occurs at a molecular level you see heating of your food or drinks.

So it is definitely possible to microwave cardboard? 

Will cardboard light on fire in the microwave?

Yes, the cardboard will ultimately burn in the microwave, but it typically needs to be heated for longer than the food takes to become warm. Start with 15-30 seconds and test the cardboard, before microwaving for longer.

How long can you microwave cardboard?

Microwaving cardboard will not damage it in a short time. I would not microwave cardboard for more than 30-60 seconds. If you need to heat it longer use a microwave safe container, not cardboard.

Tips To Microwave Cardboard

Yes! It’s actually quite easy to microwave cardboard. Just follow these simple steps:

• Cut off any excess cardboard from around the edges.

• Fold the cardboard lid down to stop steam from escaping.

What Types Of Cardboard Can’t Be Microwaved?

Firstly you must not microwave cardboard by itself since it may spark a fire under certain circumstances. Anything made from cardboard has the potential to catch fire if heated long enough.

I know there are some remarks and articles that suggest it’s safe to microwave cardboard on its own (for drying reasons, for example), but I want to draw your attention to the fact that it may be quite dangerous if not done properly. I don’t suggest microwaving cardboard by itself.

Can You Put Takeaway Cardboard Containers in the Microwave
Can You Put Takeaway Cardboard Containers in the Microwave

What About Food and Drink in Cardboard Boxes and Containers?

Now that we’ve established that microwaving cardboard by itself isn’t a good idea, let’s look at the situations in which you simply want to heat your food in a cardboard carton.

As I previously said, there are many different sorts of cardboard containers. In general, microwave-safe cardboard boxes which contain just wood fiber and no other material are safe to microwave for a short time to reheat food or fluids.

Microwaves are absorbed primarily by the water, sugar, and oil molecules of the food when you reheat food or drink in a cardboard container, so the water content of the cardboard does not decrease to a dangerous level.

As a result, warming food and drink in a container made entirely of cardboard is usually safe when done carefully.  Of course, you should just not cook in these cartons, but you can usually reheat food in them. Microwaving meals inside a carton made of cardboard for an extended period of time may harm both the container and the meal.

When Should You Not Microwave Cardboard?

Keep in mind that certain cardboard food containers have plastic or wax coatings or include these components. Unless otherwise stated, they are not microwave safe.
In most cases, the wax often used to coat cardboard cartons is polythene. This plastic may melt or deform at higher temperatures, which might cause it to seep into your meals. It goes without saying that it isn’t healthy. Wax-coated food containers are typically easier to spot since they are brighter and smoother than plain cardboard.

Ink on the containers might be a problem as well. While it’s correct that not all ink-covered cardboard containers are dangerous, I recommend that you only microwave those that are labeled microwave safe.

Another substance that is commonly found in packages is glue. Make absolutely sure you don’t microwave any cardboard boxes that contain glue since they may generate hazardous fumes and dissolve and transfer into the meal.

 Metal is sometimes found in cardboard take-out containers like Chinese takeouts with metal handles.  As you may be aware, you must never put anything composed of metal into the microwave since it may cause major harm and possibly a fire.

If you’re uncertain, always use microwave-safe containers.

Can You Microwave Cardboard Takeout Boxes?

Yes! In fact, cardboard boxes are actually better at keeping food warm than styrofoam, because they don’t absorb moisture. 

Can You Microwave Cardboard Pizza Boxes?

Yes! It is totally safe to heat cardboard boxes in the microwave. The key is to ensure that the cardboard has not been treated with any chemicals or sealant before being used in a microwave oven. If you see any warning labels on the packaging, then don’t use them in the microwave.

Can You Microwave McDonald’s Burger Boxes?

Yes! McDonald’s has tested this out and found that they can be microwaved safely. They recommend heating them at 50% power for 2 minutes.

If you’re uncertain, always use microwave-safe containers.