Catering for Large Numbers Of People

Catering for large groups and Family Gatherings

Catering for large groups of people at events can be stressful and tiring. It requires lots of planning, preparation, and organization. However, if done correctly, it can also be an enjoyable experience.

This post will give you some useful hints and tips on how to cater to large numbers of people. 

Catering a party or crowd like a picnic, family reunion, tail gate event, or family gathering or reunion needs planning and the understanding of guest needs and diets.

Catering to any style of gathering requires knowing what to serve. Then, determine how much food will you need based on the number of people attending and their specific needs. Also, consider if there are children present.

Some groups will want a specific style of food, such as a kosher menu, because some have dietary requirements. Other groups may require vegetarian options. For those attending events where there are vegans, vegetarians, or diabetics, it is key to plan in place to see that they do not go hungry.

Catering for a fire pit cook out or  Corporate event means organizing the space, plus making sure it is clean also ready for guest arrival.

Confirm How Many Guests

Planning in advance is key for success for a big group. Lock down the guest numbers as tight as possible so that you can then plan a menu that will satisfy them. 

Fruit is easy when catering for a party
Fruit is easy when catering for a party

Consider The Style Of Event

Research to determine if your guests will stand or sit at the gathering. This can help you select a menu appropriate to the event.

Create A Menu

Catering tips on how much food is always easier with a pre-planned menu.

You don’t want to plan a party where no one wants anything. You also don’t want to plan a party where everyone has their favorites but no one else really cares about them.

That’s why it is important to know which food items people like most. You might be surprised at how many people actually do bring their favorite foods to share.

Include dessert at your next party. Remember to provide a variety of sweets including cookies, cakes, ice cream, pie, mini donuts, cupcakes, and more.

So having a catering menu planned is a good first step.

Is it possible to Prepare Some Dishes and Recipes In Advance

Can you make some meals in advance? You can purchase some ingredients, cook some menu items then freeze them. They will be ready for the party. There are several things to consider when doing this preparation.

You can save money and eat better by using smaller dishes. They are less expensive and you will stretch your catering budget further.

Superbowl Party Catering
Superbowl Party Catering

Make Sure You Have Some Famous, Popular Dishes or Crowd Pleasers On Your Catering Menu

When planning a party, it is difficult to decide whether to serve popular dishes or exotic ones. Serve a variety is the best advice.

Calculate Ingredient and Scale the Recipe Quantites

Family Thanksgiving – a large number of people to cater for. When you have decided on your recipes, get your calculator to work out the quantities needed.

Take into account the time of day and a dessert bar is always a winner.

Make sure you have sufficient Serving Space

When planning party for a large group, such as a party or wedding reception, it can be difficult to decide what to serve but when you plan your serving area it will help you decide on the catering menu.

You may have to make some decisions based on your experience, but it’s always better to go with something that most people will enjoy. 

Equipment and Commercial Kitchen Applicance – What do you actually Have and Need

After planning your menu, choosing your recipes, and considering what equipment you have available, its time to think about just what equipment is needed. You might be able to get away without buying anything new, but if you want to make sure everything goes smoothly, then you should plan ahead and purchase the necessary items before you start cooking.

Plan The Catering Menu Ideas and Serving Order

When serving hot foods, keep plates warm so they don’t cool off too quickly. To avoid cold food from spoiling faster than normal, serve hot foods first Be organized! If you’re working with others, plan ahead by writing everything out on one large piece of paper and then passing it back and forth between everyone involved. Make sure they know exactly what needs to happen next before they start doing anything else. By doing so, you’ll be able to get everything ready at once.

Ensure there is plenty of space for guests to move and sit. If you planned to have a big crowd or group of people over, make sure there is ample space for mingling and socializing. You may think this is obvious, but if you have limited space, you might run into difficulty later on. 

Ask Family and Friends For Help

On planning a family reunion for a larger group, don’t be shy to ask if any family members would be willing to help out. Some may be very willing for helping you out. They may even be willing to bring an item, lend a heating appliance or even bring a barbecue or smoker. This will take the pressure off your single fire pit.