How Long Do Brownies Last

Brownies rarely remain long enough to worry about their freshness. However, if you’re afraid your big batch might lose its just-baked flavor, don’t worry! There are ways to keep your brownies good and fresh for some time.

So, how long do brownies last? This article gives a few tips on keeping your mouthwatering brownies for some time.

Brownies are much more shelf-stable than cannolis

How Long Do Fresh Brownies Last?

To answer this question, you need to consider where you’ll save the brownies. You have three options:

At Room Temperature

Room temperature keeps brownies fresh, soft, and chewy. Storing your brownies at room temperature keeps them fresh for only four days. However, if it’s too hot, it’s best to eat them within two or three.

Keep Your Bronies Fresh

In the Fridge

If stored in the fridge, brownies can last up to fourteen days. Make sure you follow the storage instructions in this article. In this case, you can either microwave your brownies for a few seconds or just leave them out to get to room temperature.

Wrap Brownies To Make Them Stay Fresh In The Fridge
Wrap Brownies To Make Them Stay Fresh In The Fridge

In the Freezer

If you want to keep your brownies for longer, freeze them. A plastic wrap can be your best option in the freezer. Freezing may keep your brownies edible for about six months.

How to Keep Your Brownies Fresh

Here are some tips on storing your brownies to keep them fresh for the longest time possible.

How To Preserve and Store Your Brownies

Don’t Cut Your Brownies

Keep your brownies in their tray and cut them only when ready to eat them. Cutting exposes parts of brownies to air. This way, they dry out faster.

Avoid Air

Air’s your first enemy, so wrap your brownies tightly. You can use foil or plastic wrap directly on the brownies to block the air.

You can also store your brownies in an airtight container or Ziploc bags. A cookie jar is also an option, but it’s not as secure as the other options,

Store with a Slice of Bread

A slice of bread at the top of any container adds moisture that maintains the freshness of your brownies for some extra time. You can replace the bread when it starts to dry out.

Dip Your Brownies in Chocolate

When you cover the brownies completely in melted chocolate, you create an airtight shell that wraps them. This way, you’re not only storing your brownies but also adding to their taste.

Chocolate Covered Brownies Last Longer
Chocolate Covered Brownies Last Longer

What If Stored Wrong?

If your brownies somehow got dry, there’s still a way to make them crunchy again. Just microwave them for a few seconds. Take care not to microwave them for too long; they may get overcooked or overheated.

How to Tell If Brownies Have Gone Bad?

It’s infrequent for brownies to go bad. However, there are still some ways to make sure your brownies are still good. 


Brownies usually have a sweet smell. If you notice any strange or bad smell, throw this batch away.


It’s very uncommon for moist brownies to turn dry and crumble, especially if stored at room temperature. This is a sign it’s gone bad.


Brownies get their name from their dark rich color. Keep an eye for any white spots, discolored edges, or even the slightest change of color.


Bad brownies lose all taste. They usually taste bland or just off. In this case, get rid of the brownies immediately.