How Much Gumbo per Person for A Big Crowd

Gumbo for a Large Group

2 cups or one bowl of gumbo for each visitor is a standard single serving.

Cooking for a crowd? Make extra for seconds and serve some garlic bread to make it go further.

Nothing beats a simmering pot of gumbo when guests arrive. The aroma sets the mood for your gumbo celebration.

Gumbo for 10 Guests

Make 1 gallon of Gumbo for 10 guests, this will allow about 2 cups of gumbo per person.

Gumbo for 20 People

Serve 2 gallons of Gumbo for 20 persons or 8 pints or 40 cup  of Gumbo.

Gumbo for 30

30 Gumbo bowls can feed 30 people or 12 pints, or 3 gallons of Gumbo.

Gumbo for 50

One hundred cups of Gumbo can feed 50. Twenty pints or 5 gallons of Gumbo.

How To Make Gumbo For 200 People At Home

Per Person How Much Gumbo Rice

Depending on the meat, gumbo recipes vary. Some like chicken, others seafood. Gumbo has no specified rice quantity. It relies on your soup’s thickness.

Gumbo calls for one cup of white rice per person.

If using simply shrimp, add an extra 1/2 cup cooked rice per person.

Add Rice To Gumbo To Make It Go Further
Add Rice To Gumbo To Make It Go Further

What To Serve With Gumbo For A Crowd

What Side Dishes Go Well With Gumbo

Gumbo is a traditional Cajun dish made with seafood, vegetables, rice, and spices. The ingredients vary depending on where the recipe comes from.

There are many different types of gumbos, including red beans and rice, chicken and sausage, shrimp and okra, etc.

When serving gumbo, you can serve bread, potatoes, corn, and other sides. 

Here are some ideas for side dishes that go well with gumbo.

– Garlic bread

– Corn on the cob

– Hash browns


– Ciabatta Bread

– Biscuits

– Mashed Potatoes

– Green Beans

– Fried Catfish

– French Fries

– Tater Tot Casserole

– Jambalaya

– Macaroni and Cheese

– Coleslaw

– Potato Salad

– Tomato Soup

– Roasted Vegetables

Tips For Making Gumbo For A Crowd

Consistency Matters

Gumbo is traditionally served over rice, but it is also delicious over pasta, potatoes, or even bread. This is because the roux — the base of the dish — thicken the soup once cooked. A good roux is key to making a great gumbo. If you don’t like your gumbo very soupy, try adding less liquid or more flour. But remember, too much flour will make the gumbo heavy and dense; you’ll lose some flavor. You might also consider adding some seafood or sausage to give the gumbo added depth.

How much roux do I need for 4 gallons of gumbo?

How Much Does a Bowl of Gumbo Cost?

Gumbo is a traditional dish from Louisiana and is usually served over rice. It consists of a stock base, typically chicken broth, vegetables, seasonings, and spices, along with shellfish, fish, sausage, orouille, and/or shrimp. In addition to being delicious, gumbo is considered a classic comfort food because it is inexpensive and easy to make – If made economically you can produce a good gumbo for around $ 1-2 dollars per person.

The amount of roux used varies depending on how thick the soup needs to be. For example, a recipe calling for a “thickening agent” might call for 3 cups of flour, whereas another recipe might call for just 2 cups. A cup of flour weighs about 4 ounces, so that means you’d need 16 ounces of flour to thicken 1 gallon of liquid. If you’re making a thicker version of gumbo, you’ll probably need to add more flour. You could go up to a pound of flour, but the flavor won’t necessarily improve.

*A dry roux is cooked without oil and is therefore less likely to burn.

What Are the Most Popular Gumbos For A Big Group

? The answer: the right kind of roux. A good roux should be made with equal parts flour and fat, not just a little bit of each. It must be cooked slowly over low heat until it turns deep brown and smells like heaven.

The most important thing about making gumbo is that you have to start with fresh ingredients.

Turkey and Andouille sausage Thanksgiving Gumbo

Turkey and Andouille sausage are popular ingredients in traditional Louisiana gumbos. It’s a Thanksgiving Gumbo for everyone! You don’t need much effort to make. Put shrimp, crab, craw fish, and sausage into a pan. Cook for 30 minutes. Serve with rice and mashed potatoes.

– Chicken Gumbo

– Crawfish Gumbo

– Shrimp Gumbo

– Crabmeat Gumbo

– Seafood Gumbo

What Cheese Would You Pair Gumbo With

There are many types of gumbos, from spicy chicken and sausage to seafood gumbo. But what cheese would you pair with gombo?

When it comes to pairing gumbo with cheese, there’s nothing like rich, creamy blue cheese. In fact, the combination of these two foods is almost magical.

Other Cheeses are Peppered Monterey Jack and Cheddar. 

What Type of Sausage Goes Best in A Gumbo

Everyone knows how to make a great gourmet sausage. But not everyone knows how to make a perfect gumbo. 

There are many different types of sausages that go well with gumbo. Some sausages contain pork, others beef, while others are made from chicken or turkey. However, none of these sausages will taste as good as the ones found in New Orleans restaurants.

Real smoked andouille sausage is best but what if you are stuck – what can you substitute for andouille sausage in Gumbo?

Here Are the Top 5 Sausage Substitutes for Andouille Sausage when Making Gumbo

  1. Chorizo Sausage
  2. Polish Kielbasa
  3. Boudin Sausage
  4. Italian Sausage
  5. Cajun Sausage

How Much Is a Serving of Gumbo

A serving for one person is 2 cups of gumbo and 1 cup of rice.

How Many People Will a Half Gallon of Gumbo Feed

Half a Gallon of Gumbo will feed 5 people

How Much Does a Quart of Gumbo Feed

A quart of Gumbo will feed 2 people

What Is The Difference Between Creole And Cajun Gumbo

Creole Gumbo is traditionally made with okra and tomatoes. Cajun Gumbo uses bell peppers instead of okra and has a stronger seasoning. Both are delicious.