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How Much Meat Per Person For Burritos

A Burrito bar where everyone gets exactly what they want? What could go wrong? 

Well, if you do not have enough filling, particularly meat – then that is a big fail. But just jump to our table below of exact quantities per person, and you will have enough for your number of guests coming.

You can also use some of the ideas here when serving tacos to a big group.

The answer to How Much Meat Each Person Burrito is 5 oz or 1/4 pound per person when you have a huge party or large company.

Burritos or tortillas with ground beef are among my favorites. However, a wide variety of meat may be used to fill them.

What Kind of Burrito Meats Are Most Popular for A Big Burrito Party or Family Cookout?

Pulled Pork Shoulder

Shredded chicken (can use leftover pulled chicken)

Brisket (shredded beef)


You can also use pinto beans as a non-meme protein to fill burritos.

Why Is Ground Beef Among the Most Popular and Widely Used Burrito Meats

Since it is simple to prepare and inexpensive to purchase. Furthermore, ground beef can be easily stored in the freezer, so you can buy it when it is on special and use it for feeding lots of people Burritos.

How Many Pounds of Meat Per Person For Burritos

This also answers the question – What kind of meats are best for Burritos?

If you are planning on serving Burritos to a crowd then budget on the following amounts per person – 

  • 5 oz of ground beef per person for Burrito filling
  • 5 oz of hamburger meat per person on Burritos
  • 5 oz of pulled pork per person for Burritos
  • 5 oz of shredded chicken per person for Burritos

These amounts are for both hard and soft shell wraps, Burritos, or tortillas. Additional vegetable fillings like chopped red or green onions give it a little bit more flavor. Add cilantro and pico de gallo to create a gourmet Burrito.

There are many versions of those mentioned above, and practically everyone has a go-to recipe for handmade Burrito meat.

How Much Burrito Meat Do You Need Per Person?

The humble Burrito is satisfying, and everyone loves Burritos. Just get right how much Burrito meat we need per person.

For 10 People how much Burrito meat per person

  • For 10 people you need 4.1 lbs of uncooked Burrito meat to yield about 3.5 lbs total cooked Burrito meat. After cooking serve about 5 oz of Hamburger meat, ground beef, turkey, chicken, or pork per person.

For 20 People how much Burrito meat per person

  • For 20 people you need 8.5 lbs of uncooked Burrito meat to yield about 7 lbs of cooked Burrito meat for 20 guests.

For 50 People how much Burrito meat per person

  • For 50 people, you need 21 lbs of uncooked Burrito meat to yield about 17.5 lbs of cooked Burrito meat for 50 party attendees.
  • For 100 Guests, how much Burrito meat per person
    • For 100 people, you need 43 lbs of uncooked Burrito meat to yield about 36 lbs of cooked Burrito meat for 100 event attendees.

This is the quantity of meat I have consistently used to cater for many large events like tailgate parties, big family picnics, and Super Bowl events I’ve hosted.

I get compliments for knowing how much meat to serve for Burritos, and I usually do not have more than 5-10% left. Everyone receives the Burritos they want, and there is often some leftover Burrito filling or meat.

The quantities are the same whether you’re making steak, chicken, beef, or turkey Thanksgiving burritos.

Which Sides, Fillings, and Toppings Go Best with Making a Burrito Bar at Home

Lettuce shredded with sour cream (romaine lettuce if left over from Caesar salad is good)

Diced sautéed onion (I like red onion since white onion may be fairly pungent)

cheese, salsa, and guacamole (shredded cheese is best)

Beans with bell pepper (refried beans)

Pinto beans

Burrito Mayo

Chili flakes

How Many Burritos Can You Make with Two Pounds of Ground Beef?

8 big Burritos or 12 smaller ones may be made from two pounds of ground beef.

How to Season the Hamburger Meat for A Crowd and Lots of Burritos

Of course, there are plenty of ways to spice up a basic ground beef burger. 

I didn’t follow any particular rules when spicing up hamburger meat, but commonly used spices are onion and garlic powder along with chili, cumin, and seasoning from the Burrito packet if provided.

The main trick was to add spices and herbs to the meat mixture. Finally, I topped it with salsa which gave it a nice kick.

You can also serve it with rice or chips and guacamole. But I prefer eating Burritos alone without anything else.

What to Do with Leftover Burrito Meat

If you’ve got a little extra meat in your fridge, there are plenty of ways to make good use of it. Whether you’re cooking for one or feeding a crowd, these ideas might help you find something delicious to eat.

You may not have time to cook a full-fledged dinner tonight, but you can still enjoy a tasty snack without breaking the bank. With a few simple ingredients and a microwave, you can whip up an easy appetizer with leftover Burrito meat.

What Are the Best Cheeses to Serve with Burritos?

There’s nothing better than Burritos and cheese. So when you make them, make sure you pair them together perfectly.

The best cheeses for Burrito night are those that go well with spicy foods. Think about adding cheddar, pepper jack, feta, blue cheese, gouda, swiss, parmesan, monterey jack, colby, brie, camembert, provolone, havarti, edam, gorgonzola, gruyere, fontina, taleggio, emmentaler, manchego, romano, mizithra, pecorino, queso blanco, ricotta salata, oaxaca and mozzarella.

In any case, try to pick out cheese that goes well with the spices used in the Burritos. If you’re making Burritos with beef, look for milder cheeses like mozzarella, feta, creme fraiche, and Boursin; if you’re making Burritos with chicken, look for more pungent cheeses such as cheddar, American, and sharp white cheddars; if you’re making pork Burritos, look for stronger cheeses such as aged cheddar, blue cheese, and smoked Gouda.

There are plenty of other combinations of meats and cheeses that can be made into delicious Burritos. Try experimenting with these combinations:

• Beef with Blue Cheese • Chicken with Roasted Garlic Sauce • Pork with Chipotle Salsa • Shrimp with Ginger-Soy Glaze • Turkey with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto • Tuna with Wasabi Aioli • Venison with Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce •

1 pound of beef equals how many Burritos?

The question “How many Burritos equal one pound of ground beef?” doesn’t seem like it should be too hard to answer. For Big Burrito you will get around four per pound, and for smaller Burritos you will get up to 8 per pound.

How Much Hamburger Do I Need for 50 Burritos

You will need about 11 pounds of uncooked hamburger for 50 Burritos.

How Much Cheese per Burrito

Work on serving 1 oz of cheese per Burrito.

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