How to put out a Fire Pit Without Water

How to put out a Fire Pit Without Water

Fire pits are a fun addition to any backyard. They provide warmth, relaxation, and ambiance while also adding value to your home. 

A fire pit is a great way to cook outdoors. It provides heat and light for entertaining family and friends. 

Firstly, not putting water on a fire, you must wait for all the fuel to burn. Then it will still take time for the embers to cool. This can take a number long time, even up to one day before the embers are cold and can not flare up from the wind, or some tree leaves blow into them.

Plan the fire out process until you have a fire out routine that you know works. Letting the wood burn down to ash is a great start.

How to use a fire pit tripod to cook on a firepit.

So How do you safely put out a fire pit without water?

How do you extinguish a campfire without water? – Basically, a fire needs three elements or items to burn, Fuel, Oxygen, and Heat. So you can see that just letting the embers burn out themselves may still pose a fire risk even 24 hours later. 

These methods will also work for a chiminea.

How to Use Sand or Dirt To Put Out a Fire Pit Fire

Another option is to place sand or dirt on top of the fire. The idea or principle behind this method is to smother it with sand or dirt, thus depriving the fire of oxygen which it needs to burn. So by cutting off the oxygen supply you suffocate the fire.

This is one of the quickest no-water methods to put out a firepit fire.

One of the benefits of the sand method is no mess and it works well for smaller pits

How to Put out a fire pit fire with a snuffer
How to Put out a fire pit fire with a snuffer

How to Use a Snuffer to Put Out a Fire Pit Fire

Use the steel snuffer over the top of the fire pit. It basically covers and smothers the fire. Plus it will keep hot embers getting caught in the wind and blowing off the fire. It will also keep your family and guests safe from blowing hot embers.

The fire pit snuffer keeps the fire pit dry and free of water. That way the firepit is easy to use again when you are ready, just take out the consumed ashes.  This method works for both free-standing and in-ground fire pits.

In addition, this snuffer system covers over the top of your fire pit and it will protect you and your family from free-flying hot embers. It can be used for both free-standing and in-ground fire pits.

What is the best base material for a fire pit?

How To Use a shovel to mix and stir the embers out

You need to make sure that all the ashes are stirred. To do that, you need to dig a hole as deep as you can. A big stick, fork, poker, or a long-handled shovel will work fine for stirring. You keep mixing to check that all the wood has burned and turned to ashes. You know you are done when there is no more heat remaining in the firepit.

What can I make with fire pit ashes?

How To Put out a fire pit fire with a shovel
How To Put out a fire pit fire with a shovel

Let the fire completely burn up all the fuel.

Once you have finished mixing the embers, you must wait until the mixture settles. When the mixture has settled and cooled, you may begin removing the ashes from the pit. Take a shovel and put them in a metal bucket and cover them with sand to starve any random ones you missed of oxygen.

What is the best color for fire glass for a fire pit?

How do you Check a Fire Pit Fire is Really Out.

The only way to check safely is to check the temperate of the remaining dead embers. First, hold your hand over the embers and see if you can feel any heat. Then using a shovel or poker mix the embers again and hold your hand above to do another check. You can also see if the shovelhead has any warmth on it as well. 

If the fire is really out you will be able to feel or touch the embers and feel no heat at all. It is also good practice to look or walk around the fire pit area before going to bed to make sure there are no hot spots or sparks and small hot embers that have blown off as you have been stirring the fire.

Do not wait until the very end to put out the fire. Start putting it out while you’re still packing things away. Make sure the fire is completely extinguished before you leave. Leaving a fire unattended could result in an injury or worse a forest fire or wildfire starting.

Make Sure the Ashes Are Cool
Make Sure the Ashes Are Cool

Recommended Gear Used To Put Out A Fire Pit Fire

Shovel:  A shovel will be used to stir or move the embers in the fire pit. You would employ it for any fire-out method to expose hot embers.

  • Poker – A long handle ember poker.
  • Heat-Proof Gloves or Mitts
  • Fire extinguisher

What’s the quickest way to stop a fire pit fire without a fire extinguisher and no water?

The quickest way to extinguish a fire pit fire is to use sand and dirt to starve the flames or embers of oxygen. You can also smoother other combustible materials like a grease fire. Plus it stops toxic fumes.