Lo Mein vs Pad Thai

Lo Mein vs Pad Thai

Asian dishes have become famous in Western areas because people are now exposed to global trends all over the world. This is especially for popular food recipes since consumers have now explored cultural delicacies and have been willing to learn about them.

Thai and Chinese foods are now emerging as go-to meals for a lot of Americans nowadays. If you are familiar with Pad Thai and Lo Mein, then you are on the right track. Making these for a crowd – cook the noodles in advance.

Pad Thai is a famous stir-fried Thai noodle dish using rice noodles mixed around a sweet tamarind sauce.  These are almost as famous as Mcdonald’s, what can you do if you eat too much fast food like McDonald’s To Feel Better?

Lo Mein is a Chinese wheat noodle dish with a mix of vegetables, meat, and a light sauce.

What’s the difference between Pad Thai and Lo Mein?

From the name itself, Pad means “stir-fry” and Thai means it originates from Thailand. For Lo Mein, Lo means “toss or mix” and Mein means noodles in Chinese.

These dishes differ from each other based on their taste and texture. Pad Thai has this combination of sweet and nutty flavor coming from the tamarind sauce and peanuts.

Together with other ingredients such as bean sprouts, mangoes, and boiled egg, it combines into a burst of savory taste that is refreshing as well as it has a natural creaminess to it.

Meanwhile, Lo Mein is a simpler dish that has a delightful taste just by using salt and soy sauce. Sesame or scallion oil can either be used to enhance the taste and aroma of the dish.

What does Pad Thai taste like
What does Pad Thai taste like

What does Pad Thai taste like?

Pad Thai tastes sweet due to its tamarind sauce and the peanuts add a creamy and nutty flavor. Fish sauce and sugar also do a lot to this dish.

Commonly used proteins are tofu and egg.

The classic star of this dish is the shrimp which makes this meal a lot fancier. This can also be served with a lime or lemon wedge topped with roasted nuts which adds a little sharpness to every bite.

What does Lo Mein taste like?

Lo Mein is a simple dish that which garlic, soy sauce, and sesame oil will bring out the best of the flavors. The wheat noodle (some say similar to a quality ramen noodle) is then paired with chicken, pork or beef to have that soft and chewy texture. To have more flavor, oyster sauce can complement a little sweetness to this dish.

Similar Noodles to Pad Thai

The noodles used in Pad Thai are rice noodles. This is basically made from rice flour and water resulting in thin and translucent noodles that can either be round or flat.

Rice noodles do not have much flavor thus a combination of strong and meaty essence makes it a perfect savory taste.

If these noodles are not available, you can always replace it with vermicelli, linguine, or fettuccine. The choice of noodles will depend on the size and texture of preference.

Vermicelli noodles are slightly thicker but are good for stir-frying. Linguine is flat and absorbs sauces well. Fettuccine is slightly wider and since it is made out of eggs it has a more tender texture.

Can you use Lo Mein noodles for Pad Thai?

The taste and texture of both noodles are very different. The rice noodles are neutrally flavored, flat, and thin while the noodles used in Lo Mein are narrow and round.

If it is not a factor, then Lo Mein noodles can be used in Pad Thai but it needs to be cooked differently and not the same way as cooking the rice noodles.

The Lo Mein noodles must be blanched in boiling water at least 2-3 minutes prior to stir-frying it.

Also, Lo Mein noodles are wheat-based, and this must be noted for some who do not prefer wheat in their diet.

What noodles are similar to Lo Mein?

There are several noodles similar to Lo Mein such as Chow Mein noodles, ramen noodles, and chop suey noodles.

Chow Mein noodles are also made out of egg and wheat flour but the difference from Lo Mein is how they are cooked.

With Lo Mein, the ingredients are tossed in a wok while Chow Mein can be stir-fried. Ramen noodles are known for their delicious broth and the other ingredients cooked along with them.

Chop suey noodles are known for their stir-fried noodles with vegetables, oyster sauce, and sesame oil. This noodle is also made out of wheat flour and can be cooked by boiling or fried in oil.

Why is pad Thai so popular?

In every country, there are delicacies that become famous internationally. Since Thailand is already known worldwide for its pristine beaches and tourist spots, naturally its food also shines to tourists as well.

Pad Thai has a lot to offer in just a bowl it already has different flavors. It may look very simple but it is rich in flavor and aroma that you can’t help but finish the whole bowl and ask for another.