How Much Gravy Per Person

How Much Gravy Per Person

Gravy is one of those things that we don’t really think much about. We just assume it’s there because it needs to be. But what happens when you actually measure how much gravy each person eats? Turns out, it varies wildly.

For our study, we asked a mix 12 of men, women, and teenagers to come over for dinner. 

We had roast chicken, but this is equally valid for turkey, beef and pork.

Then we served up a big pot of homemade chicken gravy. 

The results showed that some people ate almost no gravy while others consumed nearly twice as much. In fact, the average adult gobbled down 0.75 cups of gravy. And the kids? They averaged only 0.25 cups per person.

We worked out the average at 1/2 cup per person when feeding a big crowd gravy. 

Sometimes with leftover turkey from thanksgiving, you may need a little more because the turkey has dried out, especially the turkey drumsticks.

So why do some people love gravy while others barely touch it?

Making A huge Amount Of Gravy Per Person For A Big Crowd
Making A Huge Amount Of Gravy Per Person For A Big Crowd

One theory is that people are born with different tastes. Another possibility is that people tend to like foods that remind them of home. So maybe that explains why some folks love gravy while others do not eat much.

But whatever the reason, here’s the bottom line: If you’re cooking for a crowd, make sure you’ve got plenty of gravy.

How Many Cups Of Gravy Per Person

Gravies are one of the most versatile sauces around. They go well with almost anything, including meat, vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, etc. When it comes to making gravy, there are three main types: white, brown, and red.

White gravy (sometimes called a roux) is usually used to thicken soups, while the brown gravy is typically served over mashed potatoes (per person), steamed fish, or chicken. Red gravy (often a red wine sauce) is often used with beef dishes.

There are many different kinds of gravies available. You can make a simple homemade gravy by adding flour to water and whisking it together. Or, you can use store-bought gravy mixes. If you want to learn about some of the best brands, check out our article here.

You can even buy premade gravy packets online. These are very convenient because they contain everything you need to make gravy. However, you should always read the ingredients list carefully before purchasing. Some of them include chemicals as preservatives. This could pose health risks for certain individuals.

If you are planning to serve many guests, you might consider buying a larger quantity of gravy. For example, if you plan to cook a turkey dinner for 20 people, you should probably purchase 20 cups of gravy. In addition, you should also think about how many servings each guest will receive. If you are serving multiple courses, you might want to double up on the gravy.

For example, if you are having a roast beef dinner, you might want to provide extra gravy to accompany the potatoes, Yorkshire pudding or green beans.

When preparing gravy, remember that the amount of liquid you add is important. Too little liquid and your gravy won’t be smooth; too much and it’ll be thin.

When you serve gravy at Christmas, or Thanksgiving or just a large family dinner, you can budget each person 1/2 cup of gravy.

How Much Gravy Per Person
How Much Gravy Per Person – Served In a Gravy Boat

For 5 People How Much Gravy

Serve 2.5 – 3 cups of total gravy for Turkey

Serve 2.5  cups of  total gravy for Chicken

Serve 2.5 cups of total gravy for Beef and Roast Pork

For 10 People How Much Gravy per Person

Serve 6 cups of gravy for ten people for Turkey Dinner

Serve 5 cups of gravy for ten people for Chicken Dinner

Serve 5 cups of gravy for  ten people at a Beef and Roast Pork Meal

For 20 Guests How Much Gravy per Person
For 20 Guests, How Much Gravy per Person

For 20 Guests, How Much Gravy per Person

Serve 12 cups of gravy for 20 people at a thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

Serve 10 cups of gravy for 20 guests for Chicken Dinner

Serve 10 cups of gravy for 20 people at a Beef and Roast Pork Meal

Also, do not forget the cranberry sauce!

How Much Is a Single Serving of Gravy

Serve 1/2 cup per person of your favorite gravy recipe for a single serving.  I like to use a jug or a gravy boat.

As long as you follow these guidelines, you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Top Tips For Making Gravy For A Big Group

  • Making gravy is one of those things that everyone loves to do. No matter whether you’re cooking for yourself or for others, making gravy is an essential part of any meal.
    It adds flavor and richness to dishes, making them more delicious. And it’s really easy to make too. All you need is flour, water, salt, and butter. That’s it!

So here are our top tips for making gravy for a crowd, they’ll help you master the skill of making gravy.

  • Gravy should always be made fresh, as it will taste better.
  • Make sure you measure correctly before cooking.
  • Use a nonstick skillet for easy clean-up.
  • Use Fresh Flour
    Freshly ground flour has a richer flavor than store-bought flour. If you don’t grind your own flour, then go ahead and buy fresh flour instead of using the preground stuff.
  • Don’t Overmix
    Overmixing makes the gravy have an odd texture. To avoid this, add the liquid slowly and mix gently until smooth.
  •  Cook Slowly
    Cooking the roux slowly helps prevent lumps. Stir evenly and offten
  • Season With Salt
    Seasoning with salt enhances the flavor of the gravy. Make sure to season the gravy after adding the milk.
  • Add Milk Gradually
    Adding milk gradually prevents the gravy from curdling. Pour the milk slowly into the pan, stirring constantly.
  • Stir Often
    Stirring often keeps the gravy from burning and going lumpy. If you stir frequently, the heat won’t build up and the gravy won’t burn.
  • Be Patient
    When you’re first learning how to make gravy, it may seem like it takes forever to thicken properly. But over time, you’ll become better at it.
  • Serve Hot
    Serving warm gravy is much tastier than cold gravy.
  • Garnish With Parsley
    Parsley garnishes gravy beautifully. Chop parsley finely and sprinkle it over the finished gravy.
  • Enjoy!
    Now that you’ve mastered the basics of making gravy, you should feel confident serving it to guests. Try these tips and tricks and see how quickly you improve!

How Much Turkey Gravy For 12 People

Turkey gravy is made with turkey broth, flour, butter, milk, salt, and black pepper. For 12 people serve 6 cups of gravy.

How Much Roast Beef Gravy Per Person

A good rule of thumb is 1/2 cup gravy per guest when serving roast beef.

How Much Roast Chicken gravy Per Person

Gravy Serving Guideline: How Much Gravy Do We Really Need? A good rule of thumb is one half cup of gravy per person when serving roast chicken.

How Much Roast Pork gravy per Person

Gravy is one of those things that people either love or hate. Some prefer it thick and rich while others like it light and thin. There are many different types of gravies out there, including tomato based, mushroom based, etc. But what about roast pork gravy? Is it just another type of gravy? Or does it deserve a spot on the table? Let’s take a look at how much gravy you should serve per person.

For Roast Pork, serve 1/2 cup per guest, or 5 cups for 10 people.

How Much Sausage Gravy per Person for a Large Group at Thanksgiving Breakfast

This holiday season, you are invited to join us for our annual breakfast buffet. We want everyone to enjoy themselves while we serve up some delicious food. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we ask that each guest bring one piece of paper with him/her to write down how much sausage gravy he/she wants to eat. This way, we know exactly what size pot we need to prepare.

Please note that there is no limit on the number of guests attending the event. If you plan to attend, please RSVP here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

What’s in Sausage Gravy?

Sausage Gravy is a mixture of spices, herbs, and flour, milk which is seasoned with salt and pepper. 

What’s Goes Good With Sausage Gravy?

Sausage gravy is delicious, but it’s also pretty heavy. So, if you want to serve it to a crowd, you might consider serving it in smaller portions paired with your favorite foods,

Here are our top food pairings for sausage gravy in 2023

– Buttermilk biscuits

– Spanish Scrambled eggs

– Cornbread

– Baked beans

– Bacon

– Hash browns

– Mashed potatoes

– Cheese grits