How to Keep Hot Chocolate Warm Outside

A famous drink globally is hot chocolate. It’s an excellent manner to spend time with family and friends while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. However, if you want to enjoy it outside, you might want to wait until the snow melts.

You can keep hot chocolate warm outside by placing it in a Crockpot or an igloo cooler. You can also utilize various items to support the hot beverage, such as a coffee maker, thermos, and a pump.

You can keep your hot chocolate warm all day long by following these simple steps. They will help keep your fingers warm even while playing in the snow.

Hot Chocolate Background, Facts and History

Since the invention of hot chocolate in Mexico, it has been a staple. The origins of this beverage can be traced back to around 500 BC. The Mayans created the first modern hot chocolate recipe by blending various ingredients such as cocoa seeds, water, and chili peppers. Although this isn’t the most popular recipe globally, it is the foundation of all the modern hot chocolate recipes.

In the 1500s, Hernan Cortez brought chocolate to Europe. The drink became very popular in Spain.

It made its route to Holland, where they turned it into cocoa powder. It then allowed it to mix better with milk or water. It then became a delicious treat that you can enjoy during winter activities such as ice skating.

Stainless Steel Double-Walled Thermos

The double-wall thermos is an excellent utensil for all sorts of people who love to keep their hot beverages hot while they’re still hot. It also ensures that they can keep their hot chocolate warm while outside.

Stainless Steel Double-Walled Thermos
Stainless Steel Double-Walled Thermos

This method is probably best for a small group or family gathering and not a large group

The double-wall thermos originates from stainless steel, and it has a vacuum-sealed part that prevents heat from escaping.

It ensures that your hot chocolate will stay warm for up to 6 hours. No heat will escape through the sides because the science says heat can not travel through a vacuum i.e they are sealed in a vacuum, ensuring that your chocolate stays reasonably hot. Great For taking to a crowd gathering when you are singing Christmas carols.


You can keep your hot chocolate warm while you’re outside with the help of this Amazon Crockpot. You can use this versatile container to keep your beverage warm or prepare it in the pot. One of the most significant downsides of this item is that it requires an electrical outlet.

You will need a power outlet, generator, or long extension cord else it will not last too long.

 Also, when using it, you might want to make sure that the hot chocolate is hot enough for people to enjoy, but not so hot as to burn them, especially if there are kids around.

If you plan to serve hot chocolate to a large group, this is probably the better option. A large Crockpot will hold a lot of hot chocolate, up to a commercial one that can hold gallons of any liquid. The average serving for one person of hot chocolate is about 8 oz (e.g a standard packet of hot chocolate) and big slow cooker pot will hold around 50 servings.

This type of container has a steady heat source, and it’s ideal for serving large amounts of hot chocolate. There are other methods of doing hot chocolate that is more personal.

A good slow cooker can keep hot chocolate at a temperature ideal for drinking. Most models have a low setting of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Coolers Can Keep Drinks Warm
Coolers Can Keep Drinks Warm

Do not set it too high, or on the maximum (around 280 degrees Fahrenheit). The high setting will make the chocolate too hot and likely cause it to burn the mouth.

Cooler For Keeping Hot Chocolate warm

These coolers (Many brands – one of the most famous is Igloo Hot Chocolate Coolers) of many shapes and sizes have been around for a long time. The work on a similar principle to the thermos.

You can usually find these near sports events and construction sites, and they are mostly used to keep beverages cool. 

However, using the same principles that it uses to keep drinks cool if you make the whole cooler hot the insulation properties will work the same way to keep foods or drinks warm – especially hot chocolate.

Coolers are best used for keeping hot chocolate warm for between 1 and a maximum of 2 hours.

They are great for a large group and a short serving time but they are not as good as a crockpot for long-term drink warming.

A large 4-gallon cooler can hold about 60-80 cups of hot chocolate.

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Coffee (Hotel Style) Dispenser With a Pump

A coffee station with a pump is a great way to keep your hot chocolate toasty warm. You can find this type in various places, such as hotels or where people often gather at conferences. 

These dispensers are insulated (ie thermos style), which will keep your drink hot for a while. Unfortunately, they won’t keep your drink warm forever.

The temperature will remain warm for serval hours And recently there have been products released that can also be plugged into wall sockets therefore hot chocolate can be kept warm indefinitely. 

The good thing about a coffee-style hot chocolate dispenser with a pump is that the drinking liquid is sealed from the air. This means you don’t get a skim milk crust on the top but a nice well mixed warm hot chocolate. 

Insulated Cups To Serve hot Chocolate
Insulated Cups To Serve Hot Chocolate

If you can afford one of these and they’re not that expensive then I think these are one of the best solutions to keep hot chocolate warm and serve it to a reasonably large group.

A regular-sized coffee station with a pump can hold up to 100 ounces of hot chocolate. 

Thermos Single Coffee Jug Carafe

A thermos coffee container is a great way to keep your hot chocolate warm while at the cafe, walking to work, or singing Christmas carols in the park. These are insulated and designed to keep things hot. They are similar to a regular coffee pot, but they keep your hot chocolate warm.

The downside is really these are a single-serve.

The size of a large thermos coffee carafe is typically around 64oz.

What Is the Best Way to Serve Hot Chocolate to A Crowd and Keep It Warm

It is the classic way to keep your hot chocolate beverage hot. Styrofoam cups are great for keeping it hot when you’re outside.

Further, they also do not burn the guest’s hands because they are well insulated. In addition, they can be put into the trash when they are finished so you don’t have a lot of washing up to do.

You can also buy them now with plastic lids so that will stop spillage and keep the hot chocolate warm for longer if you use a Styrofoam cup with a lid.

They can also be used as a hand warmer, who hasn’t seen a group of people or with their hands around a Styrofoam cup keeping them nice and warm while drinking hot chocolate.

How to Make an Outdoor Hot Chocolate Bar

This do-it-yourself outdoor hot chocolate bar is ideal for providing hot cocoa, coffee, and other warm drinks to all of your visitors.

You can set up a hot chocolate bar in a similar way that you would set up a lemonade stand in the summertime except usually a hot chocolate bar is in the wintertime.

Get a festive tablecloth from Costco or IKEA and just drop it over the table.

The best way then is to set up your crockpot with cups and ladles for serving.

Using environmentally-friendly cups with lids is the best way to serve hot chocolate.

You can add cookies and marshmallows along with powdered cinnamon to have a really good popular hot chocolate bar.

It will be a hit with your guests.

Regardless of the hot chocolate, you serve if it’s warm and sweet all are satisfied. Everyone will happily drink it as long as it’s cozy and suitable for a cold day.