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How Much Bacon Per Person

I’m sure you’ve heard this before; “Bacon makes everything better!”

Well, I’m here to tell you that bacon does make everything better, but it doesn’t make everything equal if someone eats more than their fair share.

So if you’re looking to add some protein to your breakfast, go ahead and cook your bacon. But keep in mind that you need to cook enough.

How Do You Calculate How many slices of bacon you need to feed a crowd?

If you want your Bacon for Breakfast to go well, you need to plan.

How Much Bacon per Person for A Big Family Group

However much the quantity of bacon you make for a group of any size, it always seems to be gone in just seconds. Since bacon is almost everyone’s favorite breakfast food, it can be hard to know how much to purchase to feed a big group.

Cooking Crispy Bacon In The Oven For A Crowd

One single serving of bacon is 1oz (2-3 slices or 25 gr). But you will find that almost everyone, kids, teens, and adults will happily eat more – sometimes much more.

I will buy one pound of raw (uncooked) bacon for 3 guests.

As a side dish, this is usually enough for each person to have one full serving. The style of bacon cut will determine how many pieces each person gets.

How Much Uncooked Bacon To Buy for Large Groups

Buying sufficient bacon for a family gathering is easy just use our table of bacon exact amounts below. But for large groups, you should buy 1 pound of bacon for 3 people.

If I can I like to buy bacon in strips per person – I use 4 pieces of bacon per person for a crowd.

Is Bacon Heavier When It’s Cooked Or When It’s Raw?

As the bacon sizzles and cooks, the fat will render and you will see evidence of this in the extra fat in the pan. The more it cooks, the more fat has melted away, and the bacon crisps up.

Bacon also contains water, and of course, that evaporates during cooking, resulting in weight loss. Lower-quality bacon has often been enriched with water, which will evaporate in the pan. To prevent slices with additional water, go for dry-cured bacon.

As an experiment, I weighed bacon before and then after cooking and discovered that both Canadian, back, and streaky bacon lost 45% of the original uncooked weight.

Bacon Serving Size Per Person

While there are many various types of bacon available, such as streaky and Canadian-style bacon, when planning catering bacon for a crowd, a minimum of three to four slices of bacon per person is required.

This does not allow for seconds or thirds, and you know how quickly the bacon can go at a packed breakfast. I’m sure we’ve all experienced a hotel breakfast buffet when you get to the bacon serving tray and there is none left 

I usually provide 4 pieces of bacon for each visitor to make sure nobody goes without.

Below is a handy table to help you calculate exactly how much-cooked bacon you need per person for a big group.

Plus you can use any extra on a potato salad.

Table Of Exact Bacon Serving Amounts Per Person

The serving size for bacon is four slices per person. However, for a crowd use our table of slices per person.

How Many People To FeedHow Many Bacon Slices How Many Pounds Of BaconHow Many Pounds of Uncooked Bacon To Buy
12 people24 Bacon Slices1.5 lbs Bacon2 lbs Raw Bacon
24 people48 Bacon Slices4 lbs Bacon4 lbs Raw Bacon
36 people96 Bacon Slices8 lbs Bacon8 lbs Raw Bacon
48 people138 Bacon Slices12 lbs Bacon12 lbs Raw Bacon
48 People192 Bacon Slices16 lbs Bacon16 lbs Raw Bacon

How Much Bacon Do you need for 10 people

For 10 People you will need 40 slices of bacon or 2.5 lbs of cooked bacon

How Much Bacon Do you need for 20 people

For 20 People you will need 80 slices of bacon or 5 lbs of bacon

How Much Bacon Do you need for 50 people

For 10 People you will need 200 slices of bacon or 12  lbs of cooked bacon

How Much Bacon Do you need for 100 people

For 10 People you will need 400 slices of bacon or 25 lbs of cooked bacon

How To Cook Bacon for A Big Group?

The most common way people cook bacon is in a cast iron skillet or pan.

However, when you are feeding a big crowd of 20 plus you will not have enough room even if you are using two pans!

The best way is to use the multiple racks in your oven where you can easily cook 100 pieces of bacon or more. 

Furthermore, making sure you keep the temperature low (200F) will ensure that the bacon does not dry out, burn, or change color changes occur. This is important so that everyone gets their desired amount of bacon.

Can You Pre-Cook and Store Bacon?

Yes, you can store bacon in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. However, you should cook it immediately after purchase. If stored too long, the fat will separate and the meat will become dry and tough. To keep bacon from drying out, wrap it tightly in foil or plastic wrap and refrigerate it.

Can you batch cook bacon?

Yes, this is one of the best ways to prepare bacon for a crown by cooking it in batches.

How Much Bacon Should You Have for Breakfast?

For breakfast serve  3-4 rashers of bacon for each person.

What Cut of Bacon to Use For A Crowd

The best cut of bacon for a crowd is the back bacon. This cut has less fat than other cuts like the center cut or the belly. To use bacon for a crowd, cut it into strips and then chop it up. If you want to serve it right away, put it in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit until it gets crispy. If you don’t plan to eat it right away, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and freeze it.


In the world of breakfast bliss, bacon reigns supreme. For a gathering, be the bacon maestro by aiming for 4 slices per person and snagging 1 pound for every 3 enthusiasts.

Cook in the oven for juiciness. Try lean-back bacon. Pair with eggs or tomatoes for extra yum. Cook, plan, and of course, enjoy.

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