How Many Pounds of Coleslaw per Person

How Many Pounds of Coleslaw per Person for a Big Crowd

Coleslaw is a side dish that is served at almost all big events and parties. We have created and tested a chart with the exact amounts of coleslaw per person up to 150 people at big family reunions, weddings, or New Years BBQ.

It is worth noting that we have built these quantities of coleslaw from our catering experience at major events like weddings etc.

Coleslaw can be served with pulled pork – see how much pulled pork per person for a big crowd.

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Some big gatherings will require slightly more or less coleslaw, you can alter our chart quantities by the following amounts.

  • Thanksgiving Dinner decrease by 10%
  • Buffet Style wedding event – increase coleslaw portions by 10%
  • An outside fire pit or picnic use the chart quantities
  • Holiday dinners and lunches like Christmas and New Years’ lunches use the chart below.

Risotto Rice for a Big Crowd can be served instead of coleslaw.

See our resource on how much food per person when catering to crowds.

How much Coleslaw per person for a large crowd

If you are not going to pre-portion the coleslaw for your guests – using a large spoon of a scoop is a good way to serve coleslaw to guests. Plus it will help with portion control and make the coleslaw go further. A scoop is the best serving utensil to make coleslaw feed more people as it is hard to overfill.

How to calculate Coleslaw per person? 

From your guest list decide if they are mostly average eaters and use our chart below for the exact amounts of slaw.

Use Our Tested Chart for the Exact Amount of Coleslaw You Need per Person for up to 150 People.

How Many Pounds of Coleslaw to Feed 10 People
How Many Pounds of Coleslaw to Feed 10 People

How Much Coleslaw For 10 People

  • Coleslaw Per Person for 10 guests – you will need 2.25 lb total. This is 3.6 oz of coleslaw per person.
  • How many cups of coleslaw for 10 people – 4.5 cups for 10 people

How many ounces of Coleslaw per person

At a big event, coleslaw is served at 3.6 oz per person.

How much coleslaw for 10 adults

For 10 big eating adults, 4 lbs of dressed coleslaw are needed.

How Many Pounds of Coleslaw for Burgers to Feed 25 People
How Many Pounds of Coleslaw for Burgers to Feed 25 People – you will need 4 lb coleslaw for a burger side dish for 25 people.

How Much Coleslaw For 25 People

  • Coleslaw Per Person for 25 guests – you will need 5.7 lb total.
  • How many cups of coleslaw for 25 people – 12 cups for 25 people at a picnic
How Many Pounds of Coleslaw to Feed A Big Crowd
How Many Pounds of Coleslaw to Feed A Big Crowd

How Much Coleslaw For 50 People

  • Coleslaw Per Person for 50 guests – you will need 11.25 lb total.
  • How many cups of coleslaw for 50 people – 23 cups for 25 people at a BBQ or Tailgate Party

How Much Coleslaw For 100 People

  • Coleslaw Per Person for 100 guests – you will need 23 lb total.
  • How many cups of coleslaw for 100 people – 46 cups for 100 people at a wedding reception

How Much Coleslaw For 150 People

  • Coleslaw Per Person for 150 guests – you will need 34 lb total.
  • How many quarts of coleslaw for 150 people – 17 quarts of coleslaw. You will need just over 4 gallons of coleslaw for 150 guests.

Can you make coleslaw in advance?

You can premake coleslaw in advance and it will keep in the fridge for 4 days. Of course, it must be covered with an airtight seal like plastic wrap or good quality container.

How Long does it last in the fridge can depend on the amount of dressing it contains.

How far in advance should you dress coleslaw?

It is best practice if you are making coleslaw in advance add the dressing on the day you are serving. This will keep the coleslaw fresh, tasty, and tangy.

What’s the difference between regular cabbage and red cabbage?

Red cabbage has a sweeter taste than regular cabbage. It also has a deeper color which makes it look prettier especially when sliced into wedges. Red cabbage is often used in salads but it is also great in coleslaw.

How much coleslaw dressing per 5lb bag of coleslaw mix?

For a 5lb pound bag of fresh coleslaw, use just under one cup of your favorite coleslaw dressing.

The coleslaw mix usually comes with other ingredients such as carrots, green onions, celery. The mayonnaise is added last to preserve the freshness of the coleslaw.

How long does it take to make coleslaw?

The process of making coleslaw takes about 20 minutes by hand. The actual time depends on how fast you work and can cut. You can speed things up by using a food processor to slice the vegetables and the time will be about 5 minutes

How do I store my coleslaw?

Store coleslaw in the refrigerator for up to four days. If you want to freeze coleslaw then use only half of the dressing or preferably no dressing. You can thaw frozen coleslaw overnight in the fridge.

How many carbs in coleslaw

In half a cup of Coleslaw with plain mayo dressing, there are 0.21 oz of carbs

How many carbs does coleslaw have, you can see from the above coleslaw does not have many carbs.

How many calories does KFC coleslaw have?

3.5 oz which is about a single service of KFC coleslaw has 144 calories.

What foods go well with coleslaw

  • – Pickles.
  • – Dill pickle chips.
  • – Hot dogs.
  • – Cheese.
  • – Olives.
  • – Sour cream.

You can also sometimes add fruit to coleslaw in the summertime to make it extra fresh – blueberries are often used.