How Much Stuffing Per person

How Much Stuffing Per Person To Serve for a Big Group

Preparing food for special events and holidays can be fun. However, determining the amount of food you need for a group can be overwhelming.

How much stuffing per person you will need for a dinner or luncheon hinges on several factors other than the yield of a recipe, including what sauces like gravy or cranberry sauce you have.

How much, for how many, of any dish varies.

For meats, you must allow for shrinkage. If you do not produce enough stuffing and other dishes, you may run out of food before everyone is served.

That is not good, and Uncle Harry, who doesn’t get enough stuffing or the third piece of your famous torte fudge cake, will certainly let you know about it.

When you are planning your Christmas Dinner or just have a big family gathering then we have some other articles on quantities to serve your guests

How Much Stuffing Per person for your event

There is no easy answer to how much stuffing per person you need. Are you cooking stuffing for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner or a meal for you and your neighbors? 

Who you are feeding is always first when cooking one batch of stuffing, two, or an amount somewhere in the middle.

Second is how long will your guests be at the table, and third, what time of day are you serving the meal.

Things to consider when feeding a crowd 

The amount of stuffing per person you need to make for yourself, your partner, and two guests who will leave after the meal is one scenario, and a serving each will suffice.

However, suppose you have a dozen guests, many of whom will linger after dinner. In that case, you may need to consider how many pounds of stuffing per person you need.

The age of guests, their dietary habits, and the length of time they will spend dining are factors in the amount of stuffing each guest will eat.

Retirees will not eat like a football team, who will likely eat twice the amount of stuffing, and everything else, for that matter.

A half a cup of stuffing per guest is the standard serving for homemade and store-bought stuffing. However, if you want leftovers or prepare food for a buffet, increase the amount of food you produce by twenty percent.

You can increase a stuffing recipe by doubling the amount of ingredients in the recipe. Of course, that is not true for all recipes, but it is for stuffing.

Understanding Stuffing serving sizes

Most packaged stuffing mix suggests serving one-half cup of prepared stuffing per person, and their packages will serve about six. That equates to three cups of dressing.

However, most scratch-cooked recipes do not give you a serving size but the number of people a batch will serve, typically eight to 12.

This amount still equates to a half-cup serving of stuffing per person. However, the batch size of most stuffing recipes is twice that of a packaged stuffing mix.

Using one half cup measure per serving, you will need three cups of prepared stuffing for six guests.

That equates to one package of commercial stuffing mix or half a batch of homemade stuffing.

Six ounces of dry stuffing mix is what it will take to make three cups of stuffing.

How much stuffing do you need for a big group
How much does one box of Stove Top stuffing serve? – It will serve up to six people

How much stuffing do you need for a large group?

The first thing to consider people love to eat stuffing, not only with the turkey or chicken but also with the roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, and other items on your plate. So it is important to know how much stuffing per person you will be serving so that you can make sure there are enough of each item on your table.

This article explains how to calculate this amount. It includes the following:

How Much stuffing per person for 10 People

  • You will need 5 cups of made stuffing
  • You will need 2 packets of dry stuffing to feed everyone satisfactorily.

How Much stuffing per person for 20 People

  • You will need 10 cups of made stuffing
  • You will need 4 packets of dry stuffing 

How Much stuffing per person for 30 People

  • You will need 15 cups of made stuffing
  • You will need 6 packets of dry stuffing for this big group

How Much stuffing per person for 50 People

  • You will need 25 cups of made stuffing
  • You will need 10 packets of dry stuffing

How Much stuffing per person for 100 People

  • You will need 50 cups of made stuffing
  • You will need 20 packets of dry stuffing for this size group

Are you serving stuffing at a buffet?

If you are, you will need to increase the amount of stuffing you prepare to more than half a cup per guest.

When you have a buffet, guests will graze, and the longer they graze, the more they will eat.

If you do not have more than one serving of stuffing per person at your buffet, you will run out before the last guest is served.

Home Made Stuffing - 1/2 cup for one person is a good serving size.
Home Made Stuffing – 1/2 cup for one person is a good serving size.

A factor not yet mentioned is how many sides you will prepare with your stuffing.

If you have many sides, guests will only be able to put small amounts on their plates, except for Uncle Harry, who gets a separate dish just for his serving of stuffing.

Don’t forget the gravy! A great stuffing needs a great gravy, so be sure to include about four ounces of sauce from each serving of stuffing.

What is stuffing made of?

The simplest stuffing is made with breadcrumbs, finely diced onion, celery, salt, sage, butter, and egg for binding, and then baked until golden brown.

A great stuffing is a fine art, though. A more complex stuffing can include crumbled cornbread, biscuits, and giblets from the turkey, boiled egg, turkey, chicken, or even pork stock.

Stuffing is as good with a well-prepared pork roast or stuffed into pork chops as with turkey.

The fanciest of stuffings is made with oysters, and prized recipes for this dish are coveted and more expensive to produce than breadcrumb stuffing, of course!

However, if you prepare food for a more elaborate event, the oyster stuffing will impress your guests.

Commercial stuffing mixes have become gourmet since their inception and come in many flavors.

You can do the same for your homemade dressing by using a variety of breadcrumbs and fresh herbs and baking it to a golden brown.

Instead of just mixing it on the stove, baking stuffing adds to the flavor of this holiday staple.

What is the average number of people at a family dinner?

Most caters work on 5 people per average family if it is not specified on the guest list. Plus, there are many restaurants that will also use this to stock their buffets when they have family bookings.

How many cups of stuffing does one pound of bread make?

Using a one-pound bread loaf will result in approximately 12 cups of stuffing. Make bread cubes from the dry bread first.

How much stuffing per person should I serve?

Per person, you should serve 1/2 cup of stuffing per person.

How many pounds of stuffing do I need for 6 people?

You will need to serve up just over 1 lb of stuffing.

How much stuffing for 20 lb turkey

You will need 16 cups (4 quarts) of stuffing for a 20 lb turkey.