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How Much Flank Steak Per Person For A Big Crowd

A meal or dinner with flank steak can be hard to balance with buying too much or too little.

You want all guests to have a good amount with some options for seconds.

How much flank steak to purchase and grill for each person may be the most difficult part of this exercise of cooking for a crowd of people. 

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To figure out how much flank steak to serve per person, read this.

We also have a chart that shows how much Flank Steak you need for each person in your group.

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A Single Serving of Flank Steaks per Person.

Every person should have about 8 ounces of raw, uncooked flank per meal. This rule is called the “golden rule.” At least 2 pounds of flank steak should be bought for four people. If you’re frying for six people, you’ll need about 3 pounds of meat.

How Much Flank Steak for 10 People:

Prepare at least 3.75 pounds of flank steak for 10 people.

If you have 10 people, you’ll need to buy 8 oz of uncooked flank steak for each person. The weight of flank steak will go down when you cook it.

There are 25 people in this group. How much Flank Steak should each person have?

To feed 25 people, you’ll need at least 10 pounds of grilled flank steak.

Buy 14 pounds of raw flank steak from your butcher for 20 people. You should buy about 10% more food if you have big eaters.

During cooking, flank steak might very well lose about 20% of its weight.

50 people: How much Flank Steak per person?

Need 19 pounds of flank steak for 50 people? You’ll need at least 19 pounds.

To feed 50 people, you’ll need to buy 25 pounds of raw flank steak from your local meat store. You should buy about 10% more food if you have big eaters.

80 people: How much Flank Steak per person?

Need at least 29 pounds of flank steak for 80 people.

This means you’ll need about 38 pounds of raw flank steak for 80 people. If you have all adult men buy about 10% more.

Per Person: How Much Flank Steak Do I Need for 100 People?

Need at least 37.5 pounds of flank steak for 100 people?

When you go shopping at Costco, you will need 50 pounds of raw flank steak for 100 people. You should buy about 10% more food if you have big eaters.

The following are things to think about when you serve Flank Steak to a group:

It’s important to think about the type of meat you choose when you serve flank steak to a group. There is a piece of meat called flank steak that comes from the shoulder blade. It has a lot of taste and texture. Most of the time, it is cut into small pieces. You can ask the butcher to cut it into bigger pieces.

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When Cooking Flank Steak For a Crowd

Consider These Additional Tips and Considerations.

1. The Type of Guests

Everyone should always get enough steak. Remember if you know that most of your guests are big meat-eaters, then you should order more than usual.

2. What Kind Of Meat Are Your Guests Eating?

Flank steak is usually served with potatoes or rice. However, some people like to have their steak with salad.

3. The Type of Event

Think about the event type before you decide what kind of meat to serve. Is it a casual dinner party or an elegant reception?

4. Will there be other proteins?

Are you serving other proteins such as chicken or fish?  If you are then you don’t want to overdo the amount of flank steak because it will compete for space on the plate.

5. Menu – other food that is served

If you want to make your guests happy, serve side dishes. Furthermore, you can add vegetables to your meal. Plus do not forget dessert!

6. Other Food Items

You may also want to consider adding other items to your menu. This way, you can give your guests a variety of options.

7. Serving Size

Make sure that you serve your guests enough steak. Also, remember to include sides to help fill them up.

8. Serving Temperature

Remember to keep in mind that the temperature of the food matters. Keep in mind that cold foods are harder to chew. Therefore, try to avoid serving cold meats.

When Cooking Flank Steak, How Do You Make It Tender?

Use a sous vide machine to make flank steak more tender and soft. If you don’t have one, you can use a pressure cooker in its place.

Also, if you marinate the flank steak for a few hours, it will be more tasty and tender.

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